Project Management

From the largest aspects of the project down to the details, every step along the way is critical to the success of the project. Proper installation practices provide countless hours of secure fun and learning from your participants. While a critical eye for detail and aesthetics will create a wow factor that’ll last. Our project managers have countless hours in the field and take pride in ensuring your course will look good and structurally sound

Project Success

Contractors often get a bad reputation due to project delays and overspent budgets. A successful project is a project that is delivered on time, within budget, meets expectations and is safe; this is the contractors responsibility. Helix takes this to heart, working through most issues before the first pole is install or the first cable is run, allowing for a smooth build process. When a problem arises in the field, decades of experience allow us to quickly find an acceptable solution that keeps the project on track. Let us manage the project, freeing you from the stress and worry. It is Helix Construction’s goal to make every project a success.