Brycen Hale


Brycen has been a part of the outdoor industry for the last 14 years, starting as a competitive rock climbing as a youth. He started working on ropes courses in 2006, where he assisted with his first ropes course build and acquired a level 2 facilitator certification.

While earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University, he was offered a position as construction manager for a ropes course company. He fulfilled that role for 6 years before starting Helix. During that time he refined construction techniques and practices, developed training manuals and taught himself 3D modeling software to aid his clients.

He is a Level 2 facilitator, certified challenge course manager, and ACCT certified Level 2 Inspector. Brycen loves the principle behind the helix, that ever revolving cycle of learning. He is active in challenge course industry and frequently attends ACCT and NCCPS conferences.

Elise Smith

Training Manager

Elise has the presence to dominate training courses. She is easy to relate to and has a passion for training others. Not just as a level 2 qualified course trainer but also as a facilitator.

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